Bhajan Beats is an east/west fusion of Indian devotional bhajans & western dance/chill beats. This unique blend of styles is both sublime & sensual.

Mala Ganguly is a professional touring & recording concert artist, performs regularly throughout North America. She is highly acclaimed within & without the Indian communities for her golden “mellifluous” voice, virtuosity, & spontaneous vocal improvisations. Her remarkable live performances give her audiences an inspired & impassioned experience of the heart & soul of the Classical & Semi-Classical styles of North Indian vocal music. She’s been described as “The Nightingale of California”, & the “Melody Queen of Los Angeles”.

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, the world renowned sarodist, founder, & president of the Ali Akbar College “…Mala Ganguly is a highly accomplished vocalist as well as a skilled teacher of Indian music, whose work & artistry has received much appreciation from both the Indian & non-Indian communities.”

This dynamic project is richly layered with guest performances by Yoga chantreuse Donna De Lory (Madonna, Selena), Didjeridu wizard Stephen Kent (Steve Roach, Airto Moreira), Nepalese flautist Manose (Krishna Das, Deva Premal), & keyboardist/vocalist David Joyce (Natalie Cole, Burt Bacharach, Chris Isaak).

Produced by David Vito Gregoli

“I cannot get enough of Malaji’s phrasing and inflections. She has that ability to move on top and through the melodies with a sense of ease, grace and serenity that most western bhajan singers can not hold a candle up to.”
LA Yoga

“Great CD! At times sweet, and at times strong, the music really captures the spirit. it is a great example of the cross cultural celebration that happens when worlds connect.”
– Joanna Manqueros, kpfa radio